Our Little Family

Our Little Family

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Moving is Exhausting

Georgia Claire has always been our baby that needs her sleep. When she was a baby she'd sleep 12+ hours at night & then take two naps. My sisters always said it wasn't fair that I had a baby that was so easy! I should have enjoyed it more because Ivy Jane came into the world & is STILL not the best sleeper...sleeps lightly, wakes up at night, naps are inconsistent...and so on! 

Trying to update my blog & going through pictures made me chuckle this morning. I had to share the pics I have of the girls falling asleep during the whole move process...

Sawing logs with her mouth open & a sore neck when she woke up!
 Don't let this sweet face fool you...she stayed like this for MAYBE 30 minutes and was awake!
 One of our new favorite Mexican restaurants has a spell of GC...she almost always starts to nod off when we go here! Here she has trying to stay awake by wrapping her arms around the back of the chair...
 And chewing up her chicken fajita meat...
 At the hotel...
 Another trip to the Mexican restaurant with Mimi & Granby & she FELL ASLEEP!
 And passing out on the couch...
 And sweet sisters wanting to nap together...very rare but VERY sweet!
Thankfully we've now settled nicely into a routine!


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  2. sleep tight sweet pea I am goimng to have sooooo much fun with your p=ssy